The Testing of Instruments

The picture above is a page from the book, Mechanical Laboratory Methods (Smallwood and Keator, 1931), that I discovered in my very favorite used book store, MacKay’s in Chattanooga, TN.  The book, written for Engineering students, begins with the statement, “The science of experimental engineering rests primarily upon the art of measurement.  Conclusions relating to general laws or specific operating conditions, formed from test results, stand or fall according to the accuracy of measurements” and they conclude, “there is no such thing as absolute accuracy of measurement except by accident.”

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The Metaphysician’s Uncertainty

The above image is my latest work, which is entitled, "The Metaphysician's Uncertainty."  The central element, a tintype image, was a gift from Betsy Gordan and I am most grateful to her for her eye and generousity. 

The pursuit for the "Theory of Everything," is noble, but not without tension between the logical and emotional or between the mathmatical and subconscious. 






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Happy Yoga Day, 2015

The above work is a personal, concept piece I created in 2012 for an imagined yoga studio, called "Facing Dog Yoga."  As always, I truly enjoyed the process of creating this piece; and loved the fact that dogs are very good at yoga!

Today is the first international, "Yoga Day" as declaried last December by the United Nations. Yoga, truly,  deserves this day.  For those who practice it you know already it does not need such a day to affirm value!

Happy Yoga Day to all!

Mulier, Creator

The role of Women in every myth, theology or culture impacts the dynamics of their relationships, laws that address their lives and bodies and the space to be themselves, whether that be religious, artistic or individualistic expression.

The fact that Women posess the power to created human life is undeniable.  Dynamics, laws and theologies are often effective in keeping Women “in their place.”  However, the true power of Women trandsends.

In these three works, I celebrate Woman, Creator.

The Creation of Eve


Ex Nihilo


The Iroquois Story of Creation

The Balance of Burden

The Lion's Roar, The Weaver's Song

On Her, the Axis of the World Rests

A Thing of Beauty