The Testing of Instruments


The inspriration for, "The Testing of Instruments"

The process of finding elements for my collage work often includes searching through old engineering books. I find the drawings and illustrations inspiring. As reflected in many of my works,  I often find parallels to the most universal of human experiences in mathematics and physics.

The picture above is a page from the book, Mechanical Laboratory Methods (Smallwood and Keator, 1931), that I discovered in my very favorite used book store, MacKay’s in Chattanooga, TN.  The book, written for Engineering students, begins with the statement, “The science of experimental engineering rests primarily upon the art of measurement.  Conclusions relating to general laws or specific operating conditions, formed from test results, stand or fall according to the accuracy of measurements” and they conclude, “there is no such thing as absolute accuracy of measurement except by accident.”

I am pleased to share my latest series, "The Testing of Instruments: Weights, Forces and Pressure."

I share this work with you via a PDF that you may download for your own personal use by clicking on the image above or  here

Tools used to create this work include Adobe Photoshop, Illustrator and InDesign.