Photograph by Lyman Zobell



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I am a digital artist who lives in the Tampa Bay area of Florida within the city of New Port Richey.  

About ten years ago I began taking lots of photographs.   I also started reading many  photography books, studied the works of many great artists and took many online courses.  In addition,  I  made a goal to learn Photoshop.  Over these few years, photography and Photoshop have allowed me a new way to create.  I have learned a lot  but I want to keep learning more about  photography and Photoshop.

My background has significant impact on my thoughts as expressed in my Art: I am from the South, I am a student of theology, psychology and sociology and enjoy Pop Culture.   These often intersect and I love to take advantage of this in my Art.

For me, Art and the process of creating is difficult and easy; it is both rewarding and humbling.

I believe that Art is a language of the Soul; it is a way of translating intuitions, feelings or thoughts into a form that the world can see or experience.  Although I love the way photography captures life in a 1/125th second, for me, digital collage has become a more interesting  method of creating.  I find collage compelling in the way it brings together unique or unrelated objects and forms a new meaning. 

Thank you for looking at my Art.  It is my hope that it will say something to you.

Nathan Mark Phillips

Recent Exhibitions & Published Works

Southern Gothic: New Tales of the South, Published by New Lit Salon Press, 2013. Available in all formats.  For more information, click here.

Salon Style: Fiction, Poetry and Art, Published by New Lit Salon Press, 2014.  For more information click here.

Morean Arts Center, St. Petersburg, Florida (Annual Members' Show) July 12 - August 22, 2014


Articles About Nathan Mark

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