Lynda Turns 50

Above is a collage I created to celebrate my sister's, Lynda Caroline Phillips,  50th birthday.  Lynda, who has Downs Syndrome, has lived an exceptionally, wonderful life inspite of her "handicaps."  My parents, when confronted with the fact of having a handicaped child, faced reality and responded early, and more imprortantly, lovingly  (my sister began school at age 3).   As a result, at age 50 Lynda lives a healthy, balanced life of independence and support through the Life Bridges in Cleveland, Tennessee.  My sister was recently interviewed by the Cleveland Daily Banner which you can read by following this link.  The above collage has my sister at age (app) 5 holding the hand of my brother, John Phillips.  Included in the above is my cat Silver (because my sister likes cats and Silver in particular) and the Mars rover, Curiousity.