John Chestnut Park, Pinellas County, Florida


John Chestnut Park is one of the best parks in the Tampa Bay area and my favorites, period.  If you are from this area and love parks, you must check this one out.
I spent a couple of hours here this weekend.  There were deer out, which I believe, is unusual for mid-day (they are more commen in the early morning).  It was fun stalking them for a few minutes before they returned to their hiding places.  I also have a photograph of a baby aligator that was along the shore of Lake Tarpon, which borders the park.  It was a delightful afternoon and, as usual, did not disappoint the photography hobbyist.  Click on the image above or here for a view of a few of my photographs.  If your browswer does not allow, then click here to see the images.  Enjoy! Nathan.