Gasparilla 2010



Gasparilla was wet, very wet and the crowds much less intoxicated (over 400 were arrested) than last year.  The crowd was significantly smaller as well and it seemed much less "colorful."  If you click here or on the photograph of Pirate Jack above, you will see about 90 of my photographs from yesterday.  

We were brave photographers yesterday as we faced the elements in raincoats for both the photographer and camera.  Looking back, I think that we amateurs will rarely regret taking those chances to photograph in less than ideal situations. I am glad that I did and glad that you may see yourself or a friend in these photographs. 

These photographs have had only Lightroom adjustments:  I will do more work on a few of these in Photoshop in the next week or so and will post those as well when I finish (Jack above is one that I have already completed). Feel free to download these for your personal use. Enjoy! Nathan