Dunedin, Florida



The cold weather has temporarily left us Floridians and the weather has been back to "normal," which is normally six months of spring-like weather.  

Dunedin is a wonderful place to visit and a fun place to bring your camera.  You can check out more information on several websites that feature this fine place by clicking here, here and here.

I experimented yesterday with camera speed: on a few occasions I slowed down the shutter speed to deliberately blur images (ironically, Dunedin has a bar called, Blur; click here to see their colorful website) and I posted two of them in my gallery.  

A short walk from the downtown area will take you to the Dunedin Fish Market (watch out SF!) and, of course, the beautiful bay from which you can see Caladesi Island, the best beach in the world.

By clicking on the image above or this link, you will be directed to full sized versions of my photographs of Dunedin. Enjoy! Nathan