Memorial Day Weekend, 2009


Today we remember those who have served and especially those who lost their lives during their years of service.  We all have relatives, loved ones who have served or are now serving.  Today we recognize our debt to them.

I took almost 1,000 photographs from Friday through today.  Not all of them are here or on the SmugMug site; I have selected a few to share, if you click on any of the photographs in this entry, in addition to the navigation bar on the left you can select the "More Photographs" link and it will take you to my SmugMug site; once there, look for "Memorial Day Weekend, 2009" and it will also take you there.  The "slideshow" will give you best view of the photographs.


As stated in my previous entry, my holiday weekend began early.  Friday evening was spent in Tarpon Springs, Florida.  Saturday morning I spent time in Pinellas County's John Chestnut Park, at least until the sky fell with a marvelous downpour of summer rain.  Sunday was spent at Tampa's Lowry Park Zoo.  You may not appreciate how hot and humid it was Sunday: the animals were as miserable as the humans in the park that day.  This morning I returned back to John Chestnut for a few more photographs.  The pictures in the "Memorial Day Weekend, 2009" are in chronological order.  I hope you enjoy them as much as I did taking them.