Basil & Lizard


Rest assured, this is not a recipe blog!

The cliche is "stop and smell the roses."  Although over used and ancient, there is still much wisdom in the meaning of this phrase.  I work a demanding job which leaves me with little motivation at the end of the day; the weekends give me space to explore with the camera and write here.  However, today, I was inspired to go out and photograph a bit in the back yard.  Backyards are great for photography because they are common to us: we discount the beauty there (and spend much time and money going to exotic places: not that there is anything wrong with that) and forget to explore.  I enjoy the fragrance and taste of basil, especially sprinkled on a nice tomato with mozzarella cheese. Today I stopped and admired the plant. The sun was beginning its decent and created wonderful bursts of light.  The lizard who hides out in the statuary was surprised I was out on a week night and, as a reward, for once, posed for the camera.  None of these are great photographs, except for the subject.

There is much joy in photography for it allows us to look closely and admire.  

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